Cancel your booking at Center Parcs

Please make sure you cancel your booking at Holiday-Park Port Zélande – Center Parcs in time (before March 20, 2020). You can cancel your booking by contacting the customer contact center on the following number +31 (0)10 498 97 54 or via a online cancellation form. The online cancellation form can be found via, scroll to the bottom of the homepage, in the green footer click on “Veelgestelde vragen” (dutch for Frequently Asked Questions), select in the left navigation “beheer mijn boeking (13)”, scroll to point 5 (“Hoe kan ik mijn boeking annuleren”) and press “annuleringsformulier”.
Based on their terms and conditions you should never pay more than your 30% deposit (unless you have a cancellation insurance).
Be alert that the maximum they are allowed to charge is 30% (when your cancellation is done in time).

In case you do not succeed in cancelling your stay at Center Parcs yourself, the organization of the Finn World Masters 2020 is willing to support you. Please send a request together with the your booking confirmation, your email and cellphone no to
Disclaimer: no guarentees or rights can be obtained from this service.

Cancel Camper area

The reservations at the Camper area of Marina Port Zélande are cancelled via the organization collectively (no action needed any more from individual sailors).

Holiday Park Port Zélande

Some 500 m around the marina pathway, and facing the marina, is the popular Holiday-Park Port Zélande – Center Parcs which has a huge array of facilities including food outlets and a supermarket. It is almost a small village, with 700 bungalows on a park covering 27 hectares. It also includes camping sites for tents, caravan and motorhomes.

Center Parcs Port Zélande


Camping Port Zélande, the camping of Center Parcs, is waiting for your resevations!

Camping Port Zélande
Port Zélande 3
3253 MG Ouddorp
Tel: +31-111-674020